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Personalised Chunky Silver Bar Necklace

£65.00 - £75.00
Personalised Chunky Silver Bar Necklace

A chunky silver bar personalised necklace with a hammered finish and your choice of words to keep close to your chest.

This personalised man's necklace has a macho look and the silver bar has your choice of words hand stamped into it. This stunnningly simple silver bar personalised necklace is made from chunky 4mm square sterling silver and has a hammered finish to give it a rustic look.

Choose you own words, perhaps family names, the date of a special occasion or even the map co-ordinates of a place close to your heart. This would be a perfect gift for father's day with the wording as sentimental or as cheeky as you like!

Not confined to father's day, or indeed to men, this simple silver bar necklace makes a perfect year round gift.

The necklace is hung on your choice of black or brown leather thong or a sterling silver snake chain.

Each pendant can have 10 characters handstamped on four sides. You can choose exactly what you would like on each side. Your chosen words are hand stamped in capital letters. You can have words and numbers. Punctuation signs which can be included are '&' and a full stop.

Also available as a key ring on a sterling silver ring.

Rather than machine engraved, this necklace is hand stamped so there may be small irregularities and this adds to it's charm! The lettering is darkened to make it stand out and then the whole piece is polished to a high shine.
made from:

Sterling silver and leather thong.

Bars measure 4.5cm.

Made from sturdy 4mm square sterling silver.